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Fat Law Farms Controversy; Al Waterson; Autism; Coral Reef Research System

It’s Thursday, April 17th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Fat Law Farms Controversy: Terry Trotter

Terry Trotter

Earlier this week, US department of labor fined Oahu’s Fat Law Farm almost half a million dollars in penalties and largely back pay for its Laotian workers. Investigators had called the worker’s  living conditions  “deplorable” and said the farm had violated  fair labor standards and a law protecting migrant and seasonal workers. at issue was  a failure to pay the minimum wage and appropriate overtime. Terry Trotter is Hawaii’s District Director for the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division.

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Local Entertainer: Al Waterson

Al Waterson

Showman extraordinarre Al Waterson is a local and international entertainer, master of ceremonies and singer.  He’s been  dazzling Hawaii audiences for decades with his unique blend of the oldies, traditional Hawaiian favorites, and contemporary hits. The original Hawaii 5-0 and  local commercials are just some of his credits. His latest CD debuted in 2012   Songs in the Key of Love , and he’s featured on Tom Moffatt’s Legacy 2 compilation.  So after decades, how does Al  Waterson balance  a multifaceted career?

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Autism Follow Up: Sarah Man

Sarah Man

A few weeks ago, we talked with Dr Ryan Lee, Head of Pediatric Neurology at Shriner's Hospital and an Autism Society board member about the escalating rate of autism reported by the CDC.  And then we heard from Sarah Man. She said parents of autistic children are often in a different camp from the doctors, especially about vaccines. And just as often the situation is painted black and white. She says: “Either you can't wait to get your child all 48 shots before age 6 or you’re an anti-vaxing baby killer.” Sarah Man joined the show to continue the conversation about autism.

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Elite International Award for Innovation Finalist: John Burns

John Burns

How can you study the coral reef ecosystems in Hawaii while also helping local fisherman monitor the limu, fish populations, and opihi?  UH M?noa PhD candidate John Burns proposed a novel system that can interconnect findings with researchers and local communities. His  project has also done more than that... From a pool of 1800 applicants from 129 different countries, he has been selected as a finalist for the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. The award is targeted to innovators under 30 and this Papaikou resident is one of only three finalists from the United States.

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