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Health Connector Update; Lunar Eclipse; "Ripe"

It’s Friday, April 11th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Health Connector Update: Rep. Angus McKelvey

Angus McKelvey

Go back and review how the 2014 legislative session started and you’ll find handfuls of bills to restructure the Hawaii Heath Connector. There were different permutations, but the big question was whether the state should be running it. Many of the bills went nowhere. This week, the Connector’s interim director projected a need of almost 5 million dollars of taxpayer money to run the connector next year - that’s a third of the total amount to annually fund it. Representative Angus McKelvey is part of the contingent to originally introduce the package of bills that would have changed how the connector is managed. He joined the show for a discussion of where things are at now.

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Lunar Eclipse Viewing: Dr. Roy Gal

Roy Gal

The moon is going to disappear for an hour or so this Monday, and as always with a lunar eclipse, we wonder what the ancients must have thought when they first saw one.  Even with all the knowledge we have gathered since then, it’s a pretty wondrous event, made entirely more enjoyable if you can watch it with fellow enthusiasts.  The UH Institute for Astronomy is making two O’ahu viewing sites available to the public, with telescopes, binoculars, and experts on hand to help you sort out what’s happening.  One of them is Dr. Roy Gal, who joined us this morning.   

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“Ripe”: Wendy Hammers

Wendy Hammers

Comedian Wendy Hammers has spent a lot of time thinking about the whole women-getting-older body-image thing, and at some point, she just had to laugh about it.   It was that or let it make her crazy.   She’s bringing her one-woman show, called “Ripe,” to Kauai tomorrow.  It’s filled with her comedic reflections on life as a woman growing older in LA’s beauty-obsessed culture, and the title makes a lot of sense when she explains it.

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