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HCDA Lawsuit; Book Arts; Filipino Film Festival

It’s Monday, April 7th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

HCDA Lawsuit: Carl Varady

Carl Varady

There are certain words that can almost instantly divide people. You probably have your list...and on it these days may be the phrase Kakaako development. The Hawaii Community Development Authority came under fire this legislative session.  Although many measures have fallen by the wayside to limit its scope or do away with it altogether, the HCDA is now getting some heat from the owners association at a Kakaako tower. The Royal Capitol Plaza association filed a lawsuit saying the HCDA unlawfully issued  thepermit for a second tower at  801 South Street. Carl Varady is representing the residents, and he joined the show to comment.

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Book Arts at Donkey Mill: Janet Ballentyne

Janet Ballentyne

We keep hearing that the book is on its way out… That the e-book, read on a Kindle or an iPad, is the new norm.  But many readers have rejected that idea. They say the tactile pleasures of holding a well-made volume cannot be replaced. Book artists agree. The making of the book itself is a long-standing and honored craft, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from making a beautiful volume from scratch can’t be beat.  Janet Ballentyne is leading a Book Arts class on Wednesday at the Donkey Mill Arts Center, and she’s on the phone with us this morning.

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Filipino Film Festival: Abbie Algar

Abbie Algar

As world cinema explodes, and moviemakers all over the world create work that rivals what’s produced in Hollywood, we open windows into countries and cultures far from our own.   The world of Filipino cinema isn’t so far from our own, here in Hawaii, and that kinship is part of the success of the Honolulu Museum of Art’s annual Filipino Film Festival, now in its sixth year. The museum’s film curator, Abbie Algar, works with the local community to choose the Festival’s offerings, and she’s with us this morning to tell us about it.

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