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People's Walk; Massie-Kahahawai Case; EMV Cards

It’s Friday, April 4th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

People’s Walk: Father Walter Brownridge

Walter Brownridge

47 years ago, the Poor People's Campaign sought to gain economic justice for people of all colors, genders, ages and sexual orientations. It was organized by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. It was planned for spring 1968 and carried out following King's assassination. Many of the issues haven’t changed in almost 5 decades and tonight, several Hawaii coalitions will mark today’s anniversary of Dr. King’s death with the People’s March at the state capitol. The Very Reverend Walter Brownridge is the Dean of the Cathedral of St. Andrew’s and one of the organizers of the walk.

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Massie-Kahahawai Case: Author John Rosa

John Rosa

History is a story told by the victors, and the so-called Massie case is a prime example.   An alleged rape and a murder motivated by revenge, for which the killers went free. The case is more than a snapshot of race relations in 1930’s Hawaii… It’s what author John Rosa calls an open wound, one that continues to color the way we look at life in our islands today.   His new book is called “Local Story: the Massie-Kahahawai Case and the Culture of History,” and he’s with us this morning.

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EMV Cards: Andrew Rosen

Andrew Rosen

Lately we’ve heard a lot about credit card security.  People are wrapping their wallets in aluminum foil and buying special bags to hold them. Now what’s in your wallet could soon be getting some additional security. Some in Hawaii’s financial industry are moving to the gold standard of technology - smart  cards. Hawaii Federal Credit Union will be the first local institution to offer a card with the Europay, Mastercard and Visa  or EMV chip. CEO Andrew Rosen joined the show to talk about it.

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