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Hula App; "Kumu Hina"; Lili'u Project

It’s Thursday, April 3rd – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Hula App/Insensitive Names: Prof. Nathaniel Hartmann

Nathaniel Hartmann

Good thing, bad name...that’s the opinion of some in Hawaii, offended by the Hula app that lets people quietly find out who’s STI-free. Last week we learned the LA-based company won’t change the name despite a petition - the CEO thinks the name  represents a form of communication that syncs well with their information. And although Hula did remove the reference to getting lei’d...they’ve gotten a lot of media attention for their transgression. Which could just be the point according to Shildler School of Business professor, Nathaniel Hartmann

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HIFF Spring Showcase “Kumu Hina”: Director Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson

We pride ourselves, here in Hawaii,  on our tolerance.   Whether or not you call it “the aloha spirit,” there’s no denying that the islands have a far more widespread acceptance of alternate lifestyles... much of it rooted in Pacific Island culture.  As the country moves toward tolerance, however gradually, it might have something to learn from a new documentary feature film, Kumu Hina, whose director, Joe Wilson, joined the show to talk about it.

Intro Music: Popoki Slack Key by Ray Kane

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Lili’uokalani Project: Starr Kalahiki

Starr Kalahiki

Liliuokalani, Hawaii’s last queen, left a legacy that is kept alive as much by her art as by her history… and maybe art has a way of living longer in our memories.   She was, of course, a prolific and gifted songwriter, and her legacy is being celebrated in performance at Leeward Community College with the Lili’u Project, a live performance of her songs that will feature vocalist Starr Kalahiki.   It’s coming up April 11th and 12th.

Intro Music: Lemon Jelly by Elements

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