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The Long View; Free Lolita; HCDA Bills; Hermelindo Ruiz

It’s Wednesday, March 5th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

The Long View, Winning the Election: Neal Milner

Neal Milner

It’s the question you hear most people ask during any election: who’s gonna win? Some social scientists report that myopic obsession with outcome assures the low level political engagement we often complain about. These social scientists also say we need to understand it really isn't a matter of ignorance, bad education or lack of civics. Our resident social scientist and contributing editor, Neal Milner, is back to tackle the issue in our biweekly segment, The Long View.

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“Blackfish” Documentary, “Free Lolita” Campaign: Howard Garrett

Howard Garrett

We love to watch animals, and often project our sentimental fantasies onto them.   Their behavior is fascinating, but what does it also say about us when we keep them in captivity and treat them as a means of entertainment?     Howard Garrett is the producer of a movie called Blackfish. He’s asking that question and is involved in a movement to free a killer whale named Lolita. He’s also part of the "Evenings with the Experts" event hosted by Pacific Whale Foundation on Thursday, March 13 and Friday, March 14.

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HCDA Bills: Sharon Moriwaki

Sharon Moriwaki

Coming into the 2014 session, many lawmakers wondered what to do with the Hawaii Community Development Authority, the agency created in 1976 to develop Kakaako and urban parts of Honolulu. There was a boatload of bills, mostly part of a package introduced by Representative Scott Saiki.  They ranged from reorganization to the outright repeal of the HCDA. Most of those bills didn’t get very far, but several bills in the Senate are still alive. Sharon Moriwaki is a member of the organization Kakaako United, a group with a vested interest in what happens in their neighborhood. A "Save our Kaka'ako Rally" is scheduled for this saturday (3/8).

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Classical Guitarist from Puerto Rico: Hermelindo Ruiz

Hermelindo Ruiz

Classical guitar is more than just a repertoire for the instrument – it’s an entirely separate approach, with its own disciplines and its own esthetic. As a technique, it can be applied to many different types of musical traditions outside the classical realm.  Hermelindo Ruiz is in town to offer a free concert that will incorporate the music of his native Puerto Rico. It takes place tonight at Orvis Auditorium on the UH Mano’a campus and is free.

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