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MDVIP, Artist John Nichols, Rainwater Catchment, Planetarium Art

It’s Tuesday, August 20 – From HPR2

MDVIP Business Model: Dr. David John


Dr. David John is now converting his former practice to MDVIP. The personal wellness-focused program operates in 39 states and is for members only.    

John Nichols: Artist


John Nichols’ art is part of a current exhibit at Honolulu Country Club called “Good Things Pouring In.”   The show runs until the end of September.

Rainwater Catchment: Billy Kniffen


Billy Kniffen is a Texas AgriLife Extension Service Water Resource Specialist and the vice president of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. He's in Hawaii this week to teach a workshop He also lives what he teaches: The Kniffen Texas home is solely dependent on rainwater.

Planetarium Artist: Martha Woodbury


Martha Woodbury’s art will be on display Saturday, August 31, at the Imiloa Astronomy Center Planetarium.

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