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Wright Housing Redevelopment, Artist David Behlke, Sea Turtles, Gridiron

It’s a Friday aloha to May – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Making the Wright decision in housing redevelopment


Drew Astolfi is a faith based community organizer with Faith Action for Community Equity. His focus continues to be affordable housing; He organized the Kukui Gardens group, is helping to complete  the sale of the city owned buildings. and is working with  Mayor Wright residents on their  preferred plan for the project’s redevelopment.

Like water for colorant: archetypes in glass and paper


David Behlke is an artist whose exhibit, Living Archetypes, opens next Friday at the Gallery of Hawaii Artists.

Another limited green recovery: a sea turtle study says we’re not there yet


Jack Kittinger is an early career fellow at Stanford's Center for Ocean Solutions and a coauthor of the green sea turtle study. His research explores the social, economic and cultural factors influencing how people use, perceive and govern natural resources. The study was published in the journal Ecography and is a collaboration of Stanford’s Center for Ocean Solutions, NOAA and the NOAA Pacific Sea Turtle Historical Ecology Working Group.

It’s not football...it’s the REAL Gridiron!


Bill Sage is one of the principal writers for the Society of Professional Journalists’ Gridiron Show, which will be at Diamond Head Theatre August 23rd and 24th.

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