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Jerry the Green Giant, Hyde and go Spring, Jungle Rocket Science

It’s Tuesday, May 7 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

A visit from Jerry the Green Giant

Jerry Yudelson is often called the "Godfather of Green," He’s one of the world's first green building consultants, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design trainers - and writers about sustainable development. He advocates for the transformation of buildings and cities into more sustainable urban places, with fewer adverse impacts on the natural world...which is why he's in Honolulu this week to speak at the Build and Buy Green Conference on Friday.

In Aiea, we Hyde and go Spring

The 7th annual spring dance concert is the next two weekends.

How do you get to be a really good nurse? Practicioner, practicioner, practicioner

Deborah Gardner is a PhD, RN, FNAP and FAAN Those last two you may not know are Forum of Nurses in Advanced Practice and Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. She's the  Hawaii State Center for Nursing executive director and was the chief of planning at  National Institutes of Health. She’s also on the Editorial Board of Nursing Economic$ and is the lead columnist for the Health Policy Column.

It ain’t Jungle rocket science but it rocks

Larry McElheny plays guitar and bass in Jungle Rocket, the North Shore band that’s playing at our Atherton Studio  this Saturday

Plus Al Jazeera with the global report, fast eats in the backyard, and no fast Kumbaya over a monument 's fate in the reality check. First, the news from NPR.

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