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The Conversation for Wednesday November 21, 2012

 Solar companies owned off island w/ Jeff Davis
Shop local, buy local, generate a local economy. We frequently get those messages and sometimes respond with our hearts before our heads can do a little due diligence. That can be dicey according to Jeff Davis, known to some as The Solar Guy. He’s critical of his industry and the renewable energy tax credits going to photovoltaic lease companies owned by investors outside of the state. So what’s a caring consumer to do.

Support Local, Christmas Craftfair: Doreen Decasa
Many people are going into the holiday giving season with a determination to buy local, and it’s a really good idea.   At a craft fair, you’re likely to find one-of-a-kind items that have been made with loving care… and you’ll be supporting a local cottage industry: people who have followed their passion to create something special.  Crafters are a thriving and well-organized community in Hawaii, and their biggest annual event is coming up this Saturday in Honolulu.   Water colorist Patrice Federspiel is one of 50 whose work will be on display, and she joins us this morning.

Religious make up of Congress: Dr. William "Hal" Warren
what are you? Little kids often ask each other that question about ethnicity and religion to see how much others are like themselves. Now the Pew Research Center has done the same thing…it polled the newly elected 113th  Congress to see who is what and for the first time, a Buddhist will serve in the Senate and  a Hindu will serve in either chamber. And another first: one member of Congress who describes her religion as “none.” So do these new additions mirror the American population? Hawaii Pacific University social scientist, Hal Warren joins us now.

UH Theatre “The Handler” - Director Tyler Nichols
Tyler Nichols  is a young theater director with a determination to take his audiences closer to a world they have probably never seen: the world of rural southern churches where congregation members speak in tongues, heal the sick through the power of touch, and handle snakes.   It’s a deep expression of faith, frightening and awe-inspiring at the same time, and it’s a powerful subject for theater. Tyler is directing “The Handler” as his Master of Fine Arts thesis, and we spoke with him about the challenges of bringing this play to the stage. 

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