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Wikimedia Commons

Voting Bills at the Lege; Naming a Black Hole; Legacy of Life/Transplant Recipient; YMCA 150th Anniversary

Wikimedia Commons

Pacific Resources Partnership Residential Survey: 800 Years of Hawaii History; Talk Story With Governor Ige Recap


Energy Threats To Island Communities; Views of Taxation; Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim

The Blue Diamond Gallery

Free Speech Issues on Campus; Ah Quon McElrath Labor Documentary; Maui County Mayor Mike Victorino


REITs Tax ExemptionBishop Museum, Flies & Biological Survey; Mayor Kirk Caldwell


Public Safety: Reporter Debrief with Kuuwehi Hiraishi; Second Step Act; Mayor Derek Kawakami

Wikimedia Commons

Tourism Forecast For Big Island; Ham Radio Fox Hunt; Oral History of 1946 Tsunami

Wikimedia Commons

Raising Taxes on REITs; Arting and Writing; Oral History Project Waikiki Segment


Flood Insurance; UHERO Analysis on ALOHA Homes; Oral History of Dole Cannery

Catherine Cruz

On Saturday, April 13th the voters of Honolulu City Council District 4 will decide who they want to represent them in local government.  The special election is between Tommy Waters and Trevor Ozawa. The Hawaii Supreme Court invalidated the November election results after a close margin of 22 votes.


Overtourism; Pali Update Debrief; Statewide Water Bill; Federal Communications Commission Changes

Forest & Kim Starr / Wikipedia via CC by 3.0

Kunia Solar Farm; Monster Homes Bill; Molokai Renewable Energy; Remembering Linda Kaiser



The drama of Operation Varsity Blue continues to play out across the country. Key conspirators have pled guilty including a former Yale soccer coach just today.

Wikimedia Commons

ALOHA Homes Proposal; Korean Nun/Chef Jeong Kwan; The Long View w/ Neal Milner; Hilo’s Downtown Laundry Express

Thomas Schmidt

Tax Director; City Council Meeting On Sprinklers; Ocean Carbon Sequestration; Manoa Valley Theater's Allegiance

Department of Transportation

Asphalt Used to Pave Roads; Using Prime Ag Lands for Solar; Kauai Land Auction; Pinay Empowerment Conference


West Hawaii Road Usage; Maui Prisons/Riot; Argosy Update, Chaminade/HPU; Garden Segment: Mapping/Malama Maunalua

Mike Victorino for Mayor Campaign

Maui is one of the fastest growing communities in Hawaii, but it faces numerous challenges including water rights, high cost of living, and a high rate of homes being used as short term rentals. Tackling those challenges will be the job of newly elected county mayor Mike Victorino. 


Southwest Impacts on Hawaii County; Regulating Vaping; Downtown Art Center; Orchid Industry In Decline

Brian Harris / Public Domain / Flickr

Managing Molokini; Medical Residencies; Regulating TVUs; Hawaiian Civic Clubs

Daniel Ramirez / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr



Hawaii State Capitol 50th Anniversary; Kaneshiro Impeachment Status; Argosy University Closure Debrief; Garden Tours at the Bishop Museum

J. Ferracane /


Military Construction Projects/Wall Funding; Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority Update; Election Demographics; Symbioseas Exhibit of Science & Art

Wikimedia Commons

A face to face meeting with Federal Transit Authority over the revised financial recovery plan for Honolulu’s rail project is expected to happen in April.


Women’s History Month, National Guard View; The Interaction Between Cities and Water; Taste for Invasives; Epigenetics Research

Cliff Coles

Civil Engineering Report: HPR Reporter Debrief; Argosy Shutdown; Over Tourism on Maui: Councilmember Tamara Paltin; All Bodies Speak, Dancing With Disabilities

From Franz Eugen Köhler's Medizinal-Pflantzen / Wikipedia Public Domain

Holly Richards / US Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Islands

Overtourism; Micronesian Kingfisher; East African Court of Justice; Honolulu Biennial