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Wednesdays at 6:30pm on HPR-1

Bytemarks Cafe is a half-hour radio magazine that showcases the innovation and creativity in Hawaii's tech community. Hosted by Burt Lum, the program's purpose is to raise awareness of the tech economy and to engage the listener in the discussion. Bytemarks Cafe will leverage the Internet and social media technologies to extend the conversation well beyond the 30-minute time slot with the intent of building and nurturing this vibrant and vital community in Hawaii.

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Bytemarks Café: Drone Operator Certification

Sep 30, 2015

Today on Bytemarks Café, with the growing interest in unmanned aerial vehicles, what are the options for operators to get certified? We’ll find out what it takes to get a commercial license for drone flight and who needs to get this certification.

Bytemarks Café: Training For Mars

Sep 23, 2015

Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll learn about the latest cohort of scientists devoting a year of isolation in a simulated Mars habitat. We’ll find out what new challenges face this group and how NASA might take what they learn and apply it to an actual mission to Mars.

We got an update on several of the key initiatives from the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism. We’ll get the latest on Broadband, the Creative Media industry, Tech and a new educational program developed by Pixar rolling out to the DOE.


There’s a new Science Technology Engineering and Math office at the University of Hawaii. We’ll find out what this office aims to achieve and how it plans to elevate science and technology in Hawaii’s education and economic sectors.

Bytemarks Café: The Schmidt Ocean Institute

Sep 2, 2015
Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk with the team from the Schmidt Ocean Institute to find out about their latest expedition. What do their findings from the central equatorial Pacific tell us about El Niño and its effect on the weather in Hawaii? 5 PM on HPR-2.


  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk about artificial intelligence and how a local company is paving a new path with strong AI. We’ll also talk to Oceanit to find out what Strong AI offers and how this novel approach enables new applications. 5 PM on HPR-2.

Bytemarks Café: The National Maker Faire

Aug 19, 2015
justgrimes / Flickr
justgrimes / Flickr

We talked to Hawaii student participants in the National Maker Faire that took place in Washington D.C. With the the maker movement picking up steam, we’ll find out how students taking this experience and weaving it into their career choices.

Bytemarks Café: Project IMUA

Aug 12, 2015
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr

 We’ll find out about a collaborative project amongst community colleges to launch a payload into space. Project IMUA brought students together from Kauai, Kapiolani, Windward and Honolulu Community College for a recent launch at Wallops Flight Facility.

Bytemarks Café: Box Jelly Research

Jul 28, 2015
Will Fisher / Flick
Will Fisher / Flick

  Today we’ll talk with Angel Yanagihara about the latest in box jelly research and getting relief from jellyfish and ant stings. We’ll hear how Sting No More went from the lab to the military and consumer market. Tune in Wednesday, 5pm on HPR-2. 

Davide De Martin / Flickr
Davide De Martin / Flickr

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk about the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union. The world’s largest meeting of astronomers is coming to Hawaii. What’s on the agenda for these super stargazers?

Bytemarks Cafe: The Solar Impulse

Jul 15, 2015
Burt Lum
Burt Lum

  Today, we are dedicating the full hour to the Solar Impulse, an ambitious around-the-world journey powered purely by the sun. We have pilot and CEO of Solar Impulse, Andre Borschberg and Managing Director, Gregory Blatt, in our studio! 5 PM on HPR-2.

  We started things off with a couple of special guests, who are here to tell us about their upcoming events. Lisa Shozuya tells us about an upcoming series of disaster preparedness training and then Jodi Ito from UH updated us on the latest Gen Cyber Camps. Finally, we talked about a student co-working space called "The Canvas."

Bytemarks Café: Startup Weekend Honolulu

Jul 1, 2015

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk to the winners of the latest Startup Weekend Honolulu. This fast paced event is an intense 54 hours where teams form quickly, prototypes are created, new ideas get pitched, and businesses are built. Today at 5 on HPR-2.

Bytemarks Cafe: Science Literacy

Jun 17, 2015
Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

We talked with members of the brand new Science Communicators Ohana from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. In today's world, understanding science has become more important than ever before. But what forms of communication are best suited for advancing science literacy?

Bytemarks Cafe: BikeShare and Car2Go

Jun 10, 2015
David Goehring / Flickr
David Goehring / Flickr

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll explore how we are moving from an economy of consumption to one of sharing. We’ll find out how two Hawaii companies, BikeShare and Car2Go are challenging the concept of ownership in new and innovative ways.

Bytemarks Cafe: Data Security

Jun 3, 2015
Chris Potter / Flickr
Chris Potter / Flickr

  How can companies build a systematic approach toward safeguarding their data? We’ll talk about cyber security and what steps to take in creating the framework to keep information and your networks safe. Tonight at 5pm on HPR-2. 

Bytemarks Cafe: Reboot the Commute

May 27, 2015

  On this show we’ll find out how the Energy Excelerator is helping to kickstart the transportation startup. We'll also feature teams from the app challenge, Reboot the Commute and find out what innovative ideas won the hearts of the judges.

She Blinded Me With Science!
Kashif Pathan / Flickr

Jonas Vibell will first tell us about the upcoming Reboot the Commute app challenge. Then Jyotika Virmani, Director of Technical Operations for the Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE will tell us about the Xprize finalists. Finally, we'll talk about the science behind and in front of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk with the Executive Director of the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems. What sort of projects does PISCES take on and what special role does Hawaii Island play in space exploration?

Bytemarks Cafe: Bus App and SEEQS in Orbit

Apr 29, 2015

  First we'll cover some local science and tech stories, then we'll speak with Kenny Luong from IEEE to tell us about an upcoming joint IEEE/HiCapacity event and then Tiger Oakes joins us by phone to tell us about his bus transportation app. Finally, we'll talk about a team of 8th graders from SEEQS Charter school who are launching an experiment into low earth orbit.

Bytemarks Cafe: Enterprise Technology

Apr 8, 2015

  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll look at enterprise technology and explore the challenges facing large corporations. How do managers of large system implementations deal with issues like changing technology, the cloud, mobility, disparate systems and end-user preferences.

Bytemarks Cafe: Educational Cyber Security

Apr 1, 2015

On this edityion of Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll take a look at Cyber security from an educational point of view. We’ll find out how programs like Cyber Patriot and the cyber security bootcamp are building capacity for the next generation of tech workers.

Bytemarks Cafe: MoonRIDERS

Mar 25, 2015

  We’ll hear how Hawaii high school students got involved with a mission to the moon. Team members from Iolani and Kealakehe High School join us to talk about the MoonRIDERS program and testing a new electronic dust shield.

  First we'll cover some local science and tech stories, then we'll speak with Donavan Kealoha about an upcoming Entrepreneur Foundation event. Then Tiffany Quezada will tell us about the new Hobnob launch. Finally, we'll talk about the new face of entrepreneurship, accelerators, Sultan Ventures and XLR8UH. Joining us are Meli James and Bryan Butteling.

  First we'll cover some local science and tech stories, first we'll speak with Franklin Allaire about the upcoming Science Olympiad. Then well have Ken Hensarling join us from Hawaiian Telcom to tell us about the annual HT University. Finally, we'll learn about the 20th anniversary of Teaching, Colleges and Community, an online conference about education technology from its organizers, Bert Kimura and Curtis Ho.

Bytemarks Cafe: Broadband Internet

Mar 4, 2015

  Next time on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk about broadband Internet and how it's increasingly considered critical infrastructure. How vulnerable are our fiber optic cables? And how essential is broadband to local tech and innovation?

  First we'll cover some local science and tech stories, then we'll speak with David Ulrich about the PNM Photography in Hawaii contest. Then we'll have Kathleen Cabral tell us about the annual LCC Geek Day. Finally, we'll learn about an underwater robotics program called SeaPerch. We've invited Coast Guard organizer LCMD Andy Goshorn and the team from Wahiawa Elementary.

Bytemarks Cafe: Science Writing

Feb 18, 2015

First we'll cover some local science and tech stories, then we'll speak with Arthur Garbiso, HICTA President, about the upcoming HICTA Conference. Also Jay Fidell will join us to give us an update on Think Tech shows and panels. Finally, we'll talk to two science writers, Sarah CP Williams and Brittany Moya del Pino about the citizen science and the fledgling Science Writers Association.

  First we'll cover some local science and tech stories, then we'll speak with Keoki Fraser, Vice Principal at Mokapu Elementary, about the upcoming Windward District Science Fair. Then Harrison Rue joins us to tell us about Urban HNL. Finally, we'll learn how two programs aid tech companies that conduct early stage research. How does the Small Business Innovation Research grant and R&D tax credit help these companies compete?

on this show we'll cover some local science and tech stories, including a pair of upcoming events. Ben Trevino will tell us about a talk at Kakaako's Agora and then Randall Kosaki will tell us about his upcoming lecture at the Waikiki Aquarium. Finally, we'll talk about the intersection of storytelling and technology. We've invited Brett Oppegaard and Jenifer Winter from UH College of Social Science to tell us all about it.