Bridging the Gap

Weekdays 10pm-Midnight on HPR-1

Bridging the Gap is Hawaii Public Radio's late night eclectic journey into sound, 10-midnight on HPR-1. Anchored by dj mr.nick, and now featuring Paige Okamura on Tuesday nights and Harrison Patiño on Thursday nights. Together they explore a wide range of music from Indie Rock to Electronic, to World, to Jazz, to Hawaiian, and everything in between.

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Subbing in for DJ mrnick tonight with dub sounds for this Friday evening.


Tonight we're sending some love out to our neighbors in the Pacific, featuring nothing but indie, alternative, and eclectic artists from Australia.

No real theme here  - just playing a bunch of newer tracks that capture a certain feeling of cool. Tons of indie, alternative and eclectic on display tonight.

Due to recent weather, tonight's show was curated around the feeling of snuggling up under the covers while listening to the rain outside. It's what I call "burrito weather" in which you basically roll yourself up into your blanket like a human burrito.

Lots of acoustic folk, indie, and soul - stuff that makes you want to snuggle a little closer and burrito a little tighter.

Starting off the week on a chilled mellow note, with selections of Cool Jazz, Downtempo and a little Indie Folk for the next two hours. Did I ever mention how much I appreciate you listening? Or how much I love that you even know about this radio station... thank you.

This whole week of blustery weather is inspiring (and chilly by Hawaii standards)... so this session of Bridging the Gap will be filled with mellow, warm song to soundtrack this windy wet weather.

Last week I played my favorite songs I featured in the past year, so this week I figured it would be fun to focus on the best indie, alt and underground tracks that came on just in 2019. Rejoice in the likes of Ty Segall, Devendra Banhart, Cate Le Bon and more.

This session of Bridging the Gap is dedicated to Daniel J, one of the founders of the Hawaii dance music scene, who passed away suddenly at the age of 55. So it's going to be mostly deep house music mixed live. We'll miss you Daniel.

Hauʻoli makahiki hou iā kākou! Mahalo to my best friend, Jon Alan, for bringing us into the new year last week.

New year, new music - some brand new, and some just new to my library. Kicking off 2020 manifesting a year filled with good music.

Tristian Elwell
Tristian Elwell

Let's you and me... recline... and listen to this intersection of Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Beats.

Lucy Brady
Lucy Brady

Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue entered the public domain on January 1st... and to mark the occasion I'm starting each hour of this session of Bridging the Gap with a version of it... but from there we're going to go radically off course and get lost in the music woods together.

Tired of all the "end-of decade" or "best-of" musical recaps bombarding your music apps? Too bad! You're in for two hours of my favorite selections that I've played this year - my first year on Bridging the Gap.  Soul, indie, alternative, world music and a little bit of Americana will all be on display tonight.

Happy New Year to you and yours! I'm trying to kickstart this year on a positive note... so this session of Bridging the Gap will be filled with music of hope, love, positivity and forward movement.

HPR's Jon Alan, host of Blues from the Basement and B-Sides and Beyond takes the controls to take listeners into 2010 with a "Bridging the B-Sides" New Years Eve special. We don't know what he'll play, we just hope it'll be tasteful and ring in the new year with style and panache.

It's the final session of Bridging the Gap for me for 2019... and we're taking a listen back to the top songs of the year... and what a wonderful year in sound it's been.  Looking ahead.. New Years Eve will be hosted with a special 'Bridging the B-Sides" show w/ Jon Alan.

This session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a look back at what I was playing and listening to back in 2018...and like always going to be very ecclectic, and filled with the best music from that year, and a few other favorites. Looking ahead.. on Monday it'll be the best of the year, and Jon Alan will take over for me on New Years Eve with a special 'Bridging the B-Sides" show.

If you're like me, then you might find that the holidays have a way of bringing along a lot of strange feelings with them. Whether its a change in the weather, family arguments or the eternal pressures of holiday shopping, why not have a playlist to affirm those end of the year existential woes?

Doing this Christmas Day a little different and turning the selection to the late Lux Interior, frontman for the psychobilly group The Cramps. The Cramps were a wonderful, yet under-appreciated blend of rockabilly, garage, and punk music filled with fuzzy guitars, stripped down drum and raunchy lyrics. Lux often performed nearly nude and in drag. But a little know fact was that he had a soft spot for Christmas and often curated mixtapes for friends...

Quintessential Christmas music on this peaceful Christmas Eve including some classics, and some new takes on the classics. Mele Kalikimaka iā kākou i nēia lā hauʻoli.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Full disclosure... I'm not a fan of Christmas this session of Bridging the Gap is the closest I'll get to picking out a holiday playlist. It's not all Christmas music, and rather music that reminds me of the season.

Here we go again... This session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a look back at what I was playing and listening to back in 2017...and like always going to be very ecclectic, and filled with the best music from that period. There are a few more of these shows coming in the next few weeks leading up to the new year... next week it'll be 2018.


Harrison is on vacation, so I'm putting together a show of songs that I've picked up... err or just plain stolen from him. Knowing his style, it's going to be a healthy mixture of Indie Rock, Garage and Americana.

Lucia Heffernan
Lucia Heffernan

I'm creating an early winter solstice playlist for this session of Bridging the Gap. Cozy music to warm up to (even in Hawaii).

Tonight's show is full of music that can be played in the background, but not the kind of "background music" that's forgettable, the kind of background music that you actually want to pay attention to. So, in a nutshell, not-so-background music.

Miles Johnston
Miles Johnston

New songs testing the water with older songs for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap. Expect a mixture of Indie Folk, Soul, and maybe a little Jazz.

There are a few things contributing to tonight's playlist... the coming end of the year, sappy nostalgia, pre-made Spotify playlists and finally a lack of creativity brought on from a cold and exhaustion from our mini Pledge Drive. So this session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a look back at what I was playing and listening to back in 2016...and like always going to be very ecclectic, and filled with the best music from that period.

DJ Mermaid here, subbing in for Harrison tonight! Sorry, tonight's show is not about the Baby Yoda, but he is cute isn't he?

Digging through funky soulful riffs and sample sources in this upbeat session of Bridging the Gap.

As 2019 wraps up, I'd like to reflect on all that's happened in the past 12 months. It has been a year of many things: a bucket list trip, some successes, lots of setbacks, a few failures, lots of lessons learned (the hard way), and of course, my first official year as a host of Bridging The Gap!

Josh Keyes
Josh Keyes

Using this brief calm before our mini-pledge drive and all this impeachment coverage for a few hours of musical peace and calm.  So I'm keeping the music mellow and pretty for this session of Bridging the Gap.