Bridging the Gap

Weekdays 10pm-Midnight on HPR-1

Bridging the Gap is Hawaii Public Radio's late night eclectic journey into sound, 10-midnight on HPR-1. Anchored by dj mr.nick, and now featuring Paige Okamura on Tuesday nights and Harrison Patiño on Thursday nights. Together they explore a wide range of music from Indie Rock to Electronic, to World, to Jazz, to Hawaiian, and everything in between.

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Tons of new music on display tonight, and for the most part it'll be laidback, mellow tracks featuring world, indie, alternative and some experimental studd along the way. Kick your feet up for this one.

Penrose Records
Penrose Records

Check this... Daptone Records has a new West Coast sub-label called Penrose Records which will launch next month. So I'm going to play a few teasers from the new EP and mix that into some breezy west coast Jazz and Soul.

This past Saturday, the last day of Hawaiian Language Month, I was asked to DJ an event put on by Mana Studios + Purple Maiʻa called "ʻŌlelo Jam." Mana Studios created a program called "ʻŌlelo Flix" where the public can translate the subtitles of Netflix movies into Hawaiian via a Chrome extension. They also taught keiki how to code in Hawaiian as part of their "Code Haumana" program.

Caterina Theocharidou
Caterina Theocharidou

Happy March 2020 to you. This session of Bridging the Gap will be a (mostly) mellow mixture of Soul, Indie and Downtempo.

Fat Tuesday may have come and gone, but who doesn't love more Mardi Gras music? Jazz, soul, funk and a whole heck of a lot of brass band - all coming from in and around the great city of New Orleans.

Once more, we're flying blind tonight. Jumping all over the place (musically speaking) and seeing where the night takes us.

Guest DJ in the house for this session of Bridging the Gap... out own Courtney Thomas from HPR's Membership Department, curating a selection of her favorite music.

Tonight's episode of Bridging The Gap is split down the middle. The first half is the extended version of my Hawaiian music segment that aired on Here & Now's DJ Sessions last Friday. You'll get to here my extended version of what I would've wanted to showcase if time wasn't an issue, along with my last selection that got cut from the air for time. 

Since I'm doing a sunset cocktail DJ set this Friday in Lahaina, I thought I'd do a little preview of a typical sunset music selection mixed live for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap. I also want to note that this is not necessarily going to be the same set I'll play there.


Traveling across the board... and bridging that musical gap tonight with new music from Shabaka and the Ancestors, Sotomayor, Dr. Rubberfunk and more. It's going to be an electronic afro-funky eclectic latin jazzy good time.

In keeping up with the soulful theme laid down by my fellow DJ Paige with her motown on Tuesday, I'll be playing a selection  of soulful tracks tonight - all from modern artists. 

No theme for this session... but there is challenge to play some Aphex Twin. So challenge excepted and I'm fitting an Aphex Twin song into each hour of the show.

Tonight's episode is all about Motown - the classics as well as some not-so-well-known tracks from the label and its subsidiaries.

Happy President's Day... we're celebrating it with new music from a eclectic range of artists, and filling in the breaks with chilled grooves.

Samy Loewe
Samy Loewe

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. This session of Bridging the Gap will close out our week of love songs, back to back with songs about loss and heartbreak.

Joan Cornella

It's almost Valentine's Day! So grab you and your partner a drink (or maybe jut pour yourself two), cozy up to the radio and enjoy some indie tracks about love, loss and everything in between.

Tony Futura
Tony Futura

Love songs, back to back with songs about loss and heartbreak fill this session of Bridging the Gap.. as we get closer to Valentine's Day.

David LaChapelle for Rolling Stone magazine

Like the Queen, RuPaul says in every episode of Drag Race: "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gon' love somebody else? Can I get an 'Amen?'"

Eva Ramos
Eva Ramos

It's Valentine's Day week... and the Bridging the Gap crew is putting together a whole week of love songs or break-up songs.  For tonight's show I'm going to be going back and forth between both... all beautiful and mostly deeply personal to me.

It's Friday... and I invite you to shake off the bad vibes of the last week and wash yourself in good times and positive sounds.

Who needs a plan? Not us. Tonight on Bridging, we start with one track and continue shooting from hip (musically speaking) and see where we find ourselves by the end of the night. Alternative, eclectic and indie - as always.


This session of Bridging the Gap will explore everything Asia (with a slightly more electronic take). Asian American artists, Asian artists and artists playing Asian instruments. .

E nā makamaka hoʻolohe mai ka lā hiki i Kumukahi a i ka moku kāʻili lā ʻo Niʻihau, aloha nui nō kākou!

ʻO ka mahina ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi kēia - hulō! hulō! hulō! - no laila, he papahana ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi kā kākou i kēia pō. E lohe ʻia ana nō nā leo o nā mānaleo ma kēia papahana ma o nā lola o Ka Leo Hawaiʻi i mālama ʻia e ke Kula Nui o Mānoa, a i hoʻolaha ʻia ma ka paena punaewele ʻo Kani ʻĀina.

Chris Austin
Chris Austin

It's been busy... and it was only Monday. So I'm slowing things down with sound in this session of Bridging the Gap... mixing together some downtempo, soul, and other pretty offerings.

Following up Wednesday night's new music show with even more new music... and all the stuff that I couldn't fit into that session. Being a Friday night... expect more upbeat offerings from Tame Impala, Diplo, Antibalas, DJ Shadow and more.

We'll be taking something of an African road trip tonight on Bridging the Gap. Ethiopian Jazz to start off with, followed by the traditional Tuareg music of Mali and Niger - finishing up with a touch of afrobeat from Nigeria and the surrounding region.

Mixing together an eclectic selection of new music for this session of Bridging the Gap... with standouts from Skalpel, Rosalia, Khruangbin w/ Leon Bridges and Rodrigo & Gabriela covering Megadeth.

Starting here, and flowing with it til we get there. That's how tonight's show is gonna go.

Back in Hawaii after two weeks in Atlanta... so I'm using this session of Bridging the Gap to explore music from the state of Georgia.

Playing tons of underground and eclectic jazz tonight, much of it from the UK. Expect the likes of Kamasi Washington, Nubya Garcia, Kamaal Williams and a few other wild cards thrown in.