Bridging the Gap

Weekdays 10pm-Midnight on HPR-1
  • Hosted by Nick Yee, dj mr.nick
  • Local Host Paige Okamura
  • Local Anchor Harrison Patiño

Bridging the Gap is Hawaii Public Radio's late night eclectic journey into sound, 10-midnight on HPR-1. Anchored by dj mr.nick, and now featuring Paige Okamura on Tuesday nights and Harrison Patiño on Thursday nights. Together they explore a wide range of music from Indie Rock to Electronic, to World, to Jazz, to Hawaiian, and everything in between.

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Happy Monday. This session of Bridging the Gap is going to be eclectic, yet cool... and mostly mellow, featuring music from upcoming shows, and going across, Jazz, downtempo, indie folk and other suprises.

Nothing special planned out for this session of Bridging the Gap... just going to keep the music fun and eclectic going into the weekend.

It my not be summertime... yet.  But the uptick in temperature has our DJ-in-Training, Harrison Patiño is playing upbeat indie, world and eclectic tunes to beat the heat.

Jake and Dinos Chapman
Jake and Dinos Chapman

It's been an emotionally draining week... and it's only Wednesday. So this session of Bridging the Gap is all about healing, hope and coping with loss.

Bridging the Gap~May 14th, 2019: Moving On

May 14, 2019

On tonight's edition of Bridging The Gap, Paige Okamura / DJ Mermaid plays a collection of mostly mellow, somewhat emotional songs about "moving on", whatever that may mean for you.


The design for this show started with a modern take on Spanish Flamenco... but evolved into an exploration of Spanish guitar, electro tango, gypsy swing and more.


So there's no real theme for this session of Bridging the Gap. I'm just picking upbeat (fun) music for this Friday evening to lighten the air on the darkest of nights.

Harrison was sick this week, so to embrace his ill health... he went in the exact opposite of Paige Okamura's "Running" playlist from Tuesday... and is putting together a collection of laid back songs to ease you into your Thursday evening.

Picking out music entirely from artists from the U.K. for this session of Bridging the Gap. Weaving in and out of downtempo, grime, big beat, and a little neo-soul.

Whether you're running for excercise, or running from your problems, Paige Okamura a.k.a. DJ Mermaid has curated two hours of (mostly indie rock) music to run to. She's got you covered tonight as you start out on a high, songs to give you that much need encouragement in the middle, and finally easing the tempo for a nice cool down.

Frank Moth
Frank Moth

This session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a collection of new songs that move through indie rock, jazz and modern psychedelic rock.

Clearing off some new music on my desk and keeping the late night air filled with tribal percussion, mariachi and other delights.

Embracing a week of heat, humidity, and rain... our DJ-in-Training Harrison Patiño offers up some sultry sounds for sultry weather.

Taking on a more tropical note for this evening's session of Bridging the Gap. Exploring new Bossa Nova, Latin, and indie fusion... all anchored around new music from Claude Fontaine (pictured).

Paige Okamura pays tribute to composer, arranger, producer, and recording artist Jack de Mello, following his recent passing at the age of 102. In honor of his innovation and influence on modern day Hawaiian music, she curates a selection of his work and the Hawaiian musicians he worked with, along with the mele of some of her favorite performances from this year's Merrie Monarch hula festival.

I keep coming back to this picture of a blue fighting fish that was used for an earlier episode of Bridging the Gap... so I decided to soundtrack it, and put together a show of mellow reflective folk, country, and blues for tonights show.

Hugh Wong
Hugh Wong

Doing a (sort of) Flashback Friday and testing new/old gear at the same time tonight. So I'm going through my "old book", the CDs that I used in my early DJ career, and mixing live in the studio. Running through mid-tempo music in the 1st hour, then focusing on deep house in the 2nd.

Our DJ-in-training Harrison Patiño offers a diverse set of some Australia and New Zealandʻs latest and greatest sounds in indie and alternative (with a few older surprises) in celebration of ANZAC Day.

Weaving in and out of songs sung acapella, reflective indie folk, and other global delights for tonight’s session of Bridging the Gap.

No words can describe what this means. But we do know that this session with Paige Okamura will be filled with laid back dub-groove vibes.

Mellow vibey moods occupy the late night airwaves tonight on Bridging the Gap.

Going back and forth between afro-funky zingers and pretty songs about the moon this evening on Bridging the Gap.

Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali

Our DJ-in-training Harrison Patiño mixes together a mellow night of new indie releases. Also phones with lobsters.

Yuni Yoshida
Yuni Yoshida

For the most part, i'm picking music out on the fly for this evenings session fo Bridging the Gap. Working in new music from Quantic, Aloha Got Soul, and Muito Kaballa.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, Paige Okamura (DJ Mermaid) picks songs from androgynous voices as well as androgynous artists.

The 1st show back after the Spring 2019 Pledge Drive, and I'm just getting back into the swing of things.  So This show will be mellow, filled with Jazz, Downtempo and anchored by The Bad Plus.

Welcome to Bridging the Gap during HPR's Spring 2019 Pledge Drive! We're excited to be pitching into the late night hours, and introducing the new DJs Paige Okamura and Harrison Patiño.


Call 941-3689 (after 8pm) or Pledge on-line at (and indicate that you want the Bridging the Gap special gift in the comments). 

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Tonight on Bridging the Gap, Paige Okamura picks songs to study to. Expect a mellow collection of Downtempo, Soul and Jazz. Education never goes out of style.

Keeping it mellow for this Monday evening session of Bridging the Gap, with mostly indie rock/folk selections throughout the night.

Mixing live on the fly again... like a nightclub on the air for this session of Bridging the Gap. Expect a lot of latin remixes and a little house, with new releases from Quantic, Diplo and Tokimonsta.