UH Law Professor Shares Stories From The US/Mexico Border

Dec 17, 2018

Credit flickr

A government shutdown is looming Friday-- unless Congress and President Trump strike a deal on the so-called wall at the Mexican border.

The immigrant issue continues to grab headlines--Senator Brian Shatz calls on the Defense Dept to stop any misuse of Taxpayers funds to build detention centers...

And new details are being released surrounding the death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan child while in US Custody.

Reports indicate the little girl-- Jakelin Maquin died of sepsis dispute efforts to save her.

The dramas unfolding only heightens the experience of a Honolulu Attorney who volunteered this fall to help families seeking asylum. Ronette Kawakami is a professor at the University of Hawai who offered her services in the Texas town of Diley-- about  70 miles out of San Antonio.

It ’s country’s largest family detention center and Kawakami was part of a team of lawyers who assisted hundreds of immigrant families who had been separated at the border earlier this spring.