Spark! Hiromi

Mar 15, 2017

Award winning pianist Hiromi Uehara was mentored by jazz greats Chick Corea and Ahmad Jamal, among others. She's won about every major jazz award in Japan, and hit #1 on the US Billboard Jazz Album chart last year. Beyond jazz, Hiromi brings her own style to The Blue Note Waikiki.
Credit Hiromi

Award winning pianist Hiromi Uehara has been playing since age six.  A chance meeting in Tokyo with jazz legend Chick Corea set her on a trajectory that took her to number one on the Billboard Jazz Album chart last year.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports Hiromi will be at the Blue Note Waikiki this week, performing her unique combination of jazz, pop and classical music from that album, Spark.

Hiromi performs with her trio through Saturday, 3/18, 2017 at the Blue Note Waikīkī.  

“Every single thing in life starts from a single spark.”

Pianist Hiromi says when emotions are moved, things can happen.  Her album, Spark, is an energized soundtrack to where a spark can lead. 

“Music purifies every emotion.  When it’s filtered through music, every emotion kind of gets reworded, including negative feelings.  There’s no one who wants to go through sad events but people listen to sad songs. 

Hiromi mixes jazz, pop and classical genres, her trio project features a jazzy bassist and a rock drummer.

“Walking down the same street every day, it’s up to you if you can realize that dandelion bloomed just today on the street corner.  Find that spark!”

Whatever it takes!