Senate Judiciary Committee: Friendship Is Not Disqualification

Oct 24, 2018

Keith Hiraoka, 1975, junior Pearl City High School
Credit PHS Yearbook

Governor David Ige’s nominee for the Intermediate Court of Appeals faced members of the Senate today.


David Ige, 1975, senior, Pearl City High School
Credit PHS Yearbook

Less than 2 years ago, Governor David Ige nominated then attorney Keith Hiraoka – a childhood friend – to serve as a judge on the State Circuit Court.  Hiraoka got that job and the Governor nominated Hiraoka again as an associate judge on the Intermediate Court of Appeals.  Hiraoka says the issues from 2018 have not changed.






“The elephant in the room then, as it is today, is my relationship with Governor Ige. I’d like to acknowledge that it’s a valid concern and perceptions do

Keith Hiraoka, nominee for associate judge, Intermediate Court of Appeals
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

matter.  But, it’s my hope that the committee and the Senate will go beyond appearances and judge my ability to serve on the Court of Appeals based on my experience and my abilities.”


Attorney David Kimo Frankel testified in opposition of Hiraoka’s nomination based on case law and Hiraoka’s friendship with the state’s chief executive.


“Keith Hiraoka contributed in the previous election the maximum amount

Attorney David Kimo Frankel
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

allowed by law to his very good friend David Ige.  But he was also the campaign manager.  And, so, I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to be hearing appeals regarding decisions made by the Ige administration, whether by the Governor himself or his appointees.  It’s just inappropriate.”


Former State Attorney General David Louie, a law firm partner with Hiraoka, says the Judicial Selection Commission developed the list of recommended

David Louie, former state Attorney General
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

nominees for the governor to pick from and that friendship should not be a disqualification.

“When a decision by Governor Ige is made and it came up to the appellate court, Mr. Hiraoka could and probably would, recuse himself.  That doesn’t mean that just because there might be a matter that might come up in the future that a judge would have to recuse himself that you disqualify that person from ever serving and making a contribution.”


Senator Laura Thielen
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

Hiraoka said he applied previously for the Intermediate Court of Appeals but was not selected by Governor Ige.  But, Senators Donna Mercado-Kim and Laura Thielen expressed concern about Hiraoka only serving 15 months of his first term before applying for the Appellate Court.  They voted with reservations which count as yes votes.   Senator Thielen.


“I’m not concerned about the issues of the friendship with the Governor but I am concerned about the loss of the expertise at that level at too soon a stage.  So I feel I just need to be sending that signal to the various nominees and the Judicial Selection Commission.”


Senate Judiciary Committee
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

Hiraoka’s nomination was approved by the Judiciary Committee and will be up for a vote by the full Senate Thursday morning.  Wayne Yoshioka, HPR News.