Ron Artis II- Truth and Blues

Aug 28, 2016

Credit Nick Yee
Credit Ron Artis II

A local artist is mixing the blues of Jimi Hendrix with the soul of Bill Withers.

Ron Artis II and his band “The Truth” are introducing a debut EP called “Little People” before starting a series of concerts across the islands.

Artis grew up alongside his 10 brothers and sisters performing for tourists who wandered into his family’s whimsically decorated home on O‘ahu’s north shore. Their father, Ron was best known for more than 900 murals around Hawaii.

Credit Nick Yee

The family developed a repertoire of composing music on the spot, with a style that was difficult to pin down to a single category… but always drew heavily from Soul, Blues and Rock.  In this new release, Artis has continued to refine that eclectic sound into a release that is both distinctly his own, and unique to the local music scene. 

Ron Artis and The Truth perform tonight at The Blue Note Hawai‘i… then tomorrow at Charlie’s Restaurant on Maui.  On September 2nd the play at The Trees Lounge on Kaua‘i before starting a four date tour with Jake Shimabukuro.  You can pre-order the Little People” EP HERE