Maui Steps Up Coqui Frog Eradication Efforts

Sep 28, 2016

Credit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region

Maui County is contributing money and resources for the eradication of coqui frogs.  $1.2 million has been allotted to the Maui Invasive Species Committee to increase efforts to stop the spread of coqui during over a five-year plan.

Officials say if nothing is done, the tiny frogs will multiply to population levels that were previously seen on the Big Island.  Maui Invasive Species Committee Manager Adam Radford says the 80 to 90 decibel screech is a threat to communities as well as tourism.

The Maui Invasive Species Committee is currently starting its eradication efforts in Maliko gulch… but has plans to expand in the near future.