Malama Honua: Jenna Ishii on Hokulea's Journey

Jun 14, 2017

Hawai‘i’s Hōkūle‘a voyaging canoe is completing a journey of 40 thousand nautical miles around the earth. Two hundred forty five crew members stopped in over 150 ports in twenty three countries and territories.
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Apprentice navigator Jenna Ishii has sailed many legs of the Hokulea’s voyages, to the Galapagos, to Australia, Nova Scotia to New York, many more.  As Education Coordinator, she’s also helped arrange the amazing connections between groups and individuals that have happened at each landfall.  In this extended conversation with Noe Tanigawa, Jenna explains the space flight origins of the Worldwide Voyage idea, she explains how many of the navigational observations are made, and talks about daily life onboard.

Apprentice navigator, Jenna Ishii, is Nainoa Thompson’s assistant and the Polynesian Voyaging Society's Education Coordinator
Credit noe tanigawa

as Education Coordinator for the Polynesian Voyaging Society, Jenna closes with a look at the Mālama Honua Summit which will drive home the mana‘o and significance of the voyage.  It is set for June 18-21, 2017 at the Hawai‘i Convention Center.