Lonny Tomono at Ars Café

Sep 21, 2018

Big Island sculptor Lonny Tomono does what everyone wants to do---run their hand over this graphite covered wood sculpture. A show of Tomono's work, Go Figure, continues through September 2018 at Ars Cafe on Diamond Head.
Credit Noe Tanigawa

Sculptor Lonny Tomono is returning from an artist's residency in New York City, just in time to celebrate a show he’s got at Ars Café on Diamond Head.  The classic, but sensuous, wood sculptures were all made in Tomono's studio outside Hilo.

Artist Lonny Tomono just returned from a printmaking residency and show at the Fisher Gallery at the Horace Mann School in Riverdale, New York City. Several prints are on display in the current show.
Credit Noe Tanigawa

In fact, the piece Tomono mentions in his sound bite has been purchased from the show, but the rest of the exhibition, Go Figure, remains on view through September 2018 at Ars Café on Diamond Head.

Lonny Tomono. Untitled. Wood.

Tomono studied fine arts at UH Mānoa, then sculpture at San Francisco State and San Jose State Universities.  His specialty is wood carving, influenced by years of study in Japan with a traditional temple builder.  Those woodcraft techniques, including traditional joinery, are part of his artistic toolkit. 

For the show at Ars Café, Tomono returns to the human figure, influenced by Rodin’s sculptures and drawings.  He has imbued one wood piece there with an amazing gravitas by covering it with graphite.  It 

Lonny Tomono. Untitled Bird. Wood.
Credit Noe Tanigawa

looks very heavy!  Other pieces exhibit a sly humor.