Legislature Conducts Hearing on False Missile Alert

Jan 19, 2018

Governor David Ige appeared before a joint House-Senate hearing on the January 13th false missile alert.
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

The Legislature conducted a joint House and Senate hearing on the January 13th false missile alert statewide.  The early morning mistake caused mass confusion and panic in some areas.  Governor David Ige told lawmakers Friday that safeguards are in place and there will be consequences for the 38 minute delay to end the false alarm.

Emergency Management Agency administrator, Vern Miyagi (foreground) and state Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. Joe Logal, also briefed lawmakers
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

“We do have an investigation underway on the specific circumstances of what happened on Saturday.  And once that is completed we will  take appropriate action.”

Emergency Management is the Governor’s responsibility but House Public Safety Committee chair, Greg Takayama, says lawmakers want to be involved in working on solutions.

“One of the ideas being discussed among us as legislators, informally, at least on the House side, is to expand the idea of a comprehensive community look at the lessons learned from this incident, perhaps embracing beyond the Department of Defense – as respected as your officials are – bringing in people in like our schools, our hotels, our retail merchants and maybe come back with a broader look at recommendations we can consider.”

Governor David Ige will appear before the Legislature this morning at 10 with his State of the State address.