Lava Enters Pahoa Transfer Station Property

Nov 11, 2014

Lava pushed through the fence at the southwest corner of the Pāhoa transfer station and moved down the slope onto the station grounds. The flames are caused by burning asphalt.

The lava flow creeping through Pahoa has breached the fence line of the Pahoa Transfer Station and is now moving down a driveway around the perimeter of the property.  

Officials say the finger of lava measures about 12 feet long and two to three feet wide.  All hazardous materials were removed from the transfer station weeks ago.  

On Monday the lava set fire to the first house in its path.  That flow remains active and is less than two feet from a barn and garage on the property.  Light westerly winds moved smoke into Pahoa for a few hours, but cleared later in the day.  Hawaii County Civil Defense Director Darryl Oliveira says no people are in any immediate danger and his team is continuing to alert residents down slope from the flow.