Kauaʻi Residents React To Arthur Brun's Arrest

8 minutes ago

The arrest on Thursday of Kauaʻi councilmember Arthur Brun, aka "Ata," has surprised and disappointed residents across the small community. And charges that he led a major drug ring selling methamphetamine has shaken the image of the tranquil, laid-back island.

Brun pleaded not guilty last week to 10 felony charges related to drug dealing. Under the county charter, he can hold his council seat. But if he's convicted of a felony, he will be forced out.

"I think it's pretty crazy that we have a county council member that's arrested for running a large drug organization, and is not even being forced off the county council," said Carl Weislander, a Kauaʻi taxi driver. "It's definitely been the talk of the island."

"It was kind of a secret, and then it was like everybody knew," said Gerald Nash, a local bartender. "How did we get this far? Somebody just had to turn a blind eye."

Law enforcement authorities have laid out a damning case against him. They charge that among the sources Brun used for drugs was a gang known as the United Samoan Organization (USO) that operates in and out of state prisons.

For some residents, Brun being the head of a drug ring was not only a big shock, but a violation of trust. Joe Mauer, who works with at-risk youth, said the news really hit home for him.

"A lot of youth on the island have addicitons to methamphetamine," he said. "His actions are having a direct impact on the community of youth that we serve. It kind of makes me angry, knowing that he was contributing to a major, major problem that a lot of our youth on the island face."

"Kauaʻi has a big enough drug problem. And our council members are the people we elect to help curtail those things."

Brun's attorney Rustam Barbee declined to comment at length about the case, saying it's premature to discuss the details of the case.

U.S. attorney Kenji Price didn't want to speculate on the repercussions of the charges on the community, but said it is the hope of law enforcement agencies to prevent future criminal activity to happen by bringing justice to people.

A detention hearing is scheduled for Brun and 11 other individuals arrested in the sweep tomorrow afternoon in Honolulu.