Honolulu City Councilwoman To Ask for Forensic Audit on Rail

Feb 12, 2019

Honolulu City Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi will introduce a resolution to ask HART to conduct a forensic audit for the rail transit project
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

Honolulu City Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi will be introducing a resolution to conduct a forensic audit of the 8.6 billion dollar Rail Transit Project. She says this was her top priority after taking office last month.









“A forensic audit could result in criminal charges and the hope that I really have is that once we get an honest account of what has happened then we have a better place of knowing what to do now and how to best move forward.  Even with the public-private partnerships, those contract are now underway of being processed and awarded and it seem that also doesn’t really have a clear path moving forward, so I feel we have to be very honest with ourselves and move to a place of better accountability for our taxpayers.”


The full Council is expected to consider the resolution at its March 8th meeting.  The audit must be budgeted for by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation.