Helping Hand - After-School All-Stars Hawaii 2019

Jan 25, 2019

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On Helping Hand this week, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence welcomes back After-School All-Stars Hawaii. Kimi Takazawa, President and CEO, and Noelani Barfield, an 8th grader from Jarrett Middle School, explain how these after-school programs help keep children safe and assist with their learning and school work, including kids from disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds, while also offering companionship and inclusion, welcoming students with intellectually disabilities who find encouragement and acceptance among their general education classmates.

Helping Hand is a weekly feature on HPR1 stations each week during the afternoon drive broadcast of All Things Considered and then archived online here. Friday afternoons Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization, topic or event in the community that offers assistance to people with disabilities and people and animals who are among the most vulnerable.

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