Hawaiʻi Foodbank's Warehouse: Less Than 10 Days of Food in Stock

Aug 8, 2018

Credit Lisa Ferdinando / Department of Defense

The Hawaiʻi Foodbank is asking for the public's help to replenish its shelves.

Each year, the foodbank helps more than 285,000 residents around the state - or one in every five residents. The organization helps to provide food assistance to low-income families, the homeless, working poor, and disabled veterans.

The foodbank also helps with emergency food assistance. This year, the Hawaiʻi Foodbank responded to the needs of residents of Kauaʻi and the Big Island affected by natural disasters.

Officials with the foodbank say those events have left the organization's Oʻahu warehouse with less than 10 days of food in stock. Usually around this time of year, the warehouse would have at least 15 days of food in stock.

Laura Kay Rand is the Hawaiʻi Foodbank's Vice President and Chief Impact Officer.

She says ideally they would like to have at least 20 days of food in the warehouse during hurricane season.

Rand says monetary donations are also accepted. Adding that 96 cents of every dollar goes towards purchasing food for the warehouse.

More information can be found at HawaiFoodbank.org