Governor Ige Announces Actions Following Fallout from False Missile Alert

Jan 15, 2018

Governor David Ige addressed the state on local television about the way forward following the false missile alert Saturday.
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

Governor David Ige addressed the state on network television last night. He said he will not take it out on Hawai’i Emergency Management Agency personnel for the false missile attack alert and asked those who call in death threats to EMA staff to stop.

“We have already made the corrections necessary to assure that this event and the delay in sending out the cancellation will not happen again.   You know, there is no other community in the country that is prepared for a ballistic missile attack.  So we clearly are breaking new ground.  We're establishing the processes that we believe are necessary to allow us to inform the public as soon as we can, in the best way forward.”

Brig. Gen. Kenneth Hara, deputy adjutant general.
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

The Governor appointed, by executive order, Brigadier General Kenneth Hara, the deputy adjutant general, to conduct a full investigation and assessment of the alert notification process.