Good Neighbors: The Key to a Resilient Future

Oct 10, 2013

View on the H-1 heading to Waianae, O'ahu
Credit noe tanigawa

Neighbors: An Island Story” has been the theme this week at HPR, and somehow in Hawai’i, all 1, 374, 810 of us have found a way to live together in relative contentment. Nearly a million people live on O’ahu, and Honolulu is now the 13th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa looks at how we hope to live together in the future.

Mahalo to the sincere public servants and citizens who contributed to these stories. An effort is underway to encourage community participation in planning on Maui. You may be interested in the following groups:

Alliance of Maui Community Associations

Maui Island’s Projects

Maui Island –Community Plans and Maui island Plan

Kihei Community Association