DOE Academy Helps New Teachers Prepare for School Year

Aug 14, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Many of Hawaii’s public schools are starting their second week back in session this week, but students aren’t the only ones facing new challenges.

For the past four years, the state Department of Education has been holding the Beginning Teacher Summer Academy.

The two-day program helps first and second year teachers prepare for the upcoming school year.

The academy is now statewide, and covers topics of a very practical nature.

Keri Shimomoto is an Education Specialist with the DOE’s Induction and Mentoring Program.

She says new teachers face a lot of stress in setting up their classrooms and lesson plans for the first time.

Shimomoto says academy mentors and officials will check in with the teachers as the school year goes on.

Program sponsor Matson Foundation also provides supplies to the teachers to use in the classroom.