DBEDT Releases 2015 Energy Report

Dec 15, 2015

Credit Wikipedia Commons

The state says there’s been some significant progress on the road to Hawai‘i’s clean energy objectives.

The Hawai‘i State Energy Office released its Energy Resources Coordinator’s Annual Report for 2015.  The report outlines the State’s current energy policies in accordance with the goal to reach 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Since establishing the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative in 2008- the state has significantly increased its renewable energy portfolio.  Renewable energy accounted for 21.1% of utility electricity sales in last year - up from 9.4% when the initiative was created in 2008.  Over the same period the amount of electricity saved from efficiency measures under the energy efficiency portfolio standard increased to 1,575 gigawatt-hours from 870 gigawatt-hours.

The report also touches on changing trends in transportation, housing and technology and their relationship to clean energy.  Mark Glick is an administrator of the Hawaii State Energy Office.  He say’s Hawai‘i is becoming a great example of sustainable energy.

The complete report can be seen at energy.hawai‘i.gov