The Conversation: Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Oct 5, 2016

Uniting Men Against Domestic Violence; Local Non-Profit Cleaning Pearl Harbor; A Modern Take on Hawaiian Music

Pearl Harbor is the target of clean ups by HOH 808
Credit Pixabay

HANO Conference 2016 Keynote Speaker Rich Harwood 

Rich Harwood
Credit Rich Harwood

Hawaii nonprofits are increasingly asked to do more and very soon you’ll likley be fielding many requests for end of the year charitable gifts. How you decide to give will probably turn on how well you see the organization using donations to serve the community it targets….and whether that means a chapter of a large national organization or a smaller local group, how you judge its effectiveness could hinge on how well they meet the community where it is. Rich Hardwood of the Maryland-based Harwood Institute for Public Innovation calls that turning outward… Rich Harwood is the keynote speaker at the Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations conference on Friday and he’s with us today.  

Intro Music: Steal My Kisses by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Outro Music: What I Got Instrumental by Sublime

Local Musician Zanuck Kapala Lindsey Has a Modern Take On Island Music

Zanuck Lindsey
Credit Vimeo

Zanuck Kapala Lindsey and Ron Kualaau’s new CD is called “Koko;” it’s a tribute to the idea of ‘ohana and to ‘ohana members past and present.  It was originally conceived as the work of three men, but one ‘ohana member, Kalani Flores, was lost to illness before the project was completed.  The recording is dedicated to him, and Zanuck is with us this morning.

Intro Music: Homelands by Ron Kualaau & Zanuck Lindsey

Outro Music: Paradise by Ron Kualaau & Zanuck Lindsey

Civil Beat Reality Check: Hacking Elections

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Think hackers and your thoughts may go to companies and people victimized by credit fraud… in the coming election, Hawaii is getting help from the Feds to make sure voter hacking isn’t added to the list of compromised entities. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has todays reality check

Intro Music: Monkey Flute by International Baby

Outro Music: Three Roses by America

Men’s March Against Violence Nanci Kriedman 

A scene from 2015 Men's March Against Violence
Credit Nanci Kreidman

Every year, you may have date or season by which you mark the progress you’ve made in your life...maybe it’s a graduation date, a birthday or an anniversary. Next week, the Men’s March Against Violence marks its twenty-second year of bringing men into the active support of women and the end of domestic violence. But the progress is slow. Still, for advocates - both men and women- the path continues to move forward year over year even if the domestic violence statistics seem to only inch lower. Nanci Kreidman is CEO of the Domestic Violence Action Center. She has spent decades working to create better understanding of the prevalence of domestic violence.

Outro Music: Morning by William Wild

Cleaning Up Pearl Harbor with Hui O Ho'ohononua 808: Tony Chance

Tony Chance (Center) Founder and President of HOH 808
Credit Anthony Chance

Tony Chance is one of those people who believe in public service -- and he’s just optimistic enough to think there are many like-minded people out there.   So far, his optimism has borne fruit in environmental cleanup and sustainable development projects.  He’s the founder of 808 Hui O Ho'ohononua or 808HOH, a non-profit volunteer organization.  He’s with us to tell us about some upcoming projects and maybe attract a little help. 

Intro Music: Life During Wartime by Talking Heads

Outro Music: Lovely Times by Suburban Living