The Conversation: Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Dec 27, 2017

Sunset Beach Erosion: UH SOEST; Harvard’s Rental Housing Report; Rat Lung Worm

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Sunset Beach Erosion: Chip Fletcher, UH SOESTA

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Sunset Beach is taking a beating this winter season. The public is being asked to stay away from a section where a bike path has been taken out by the waves resulting in a 20 foot drop along the roadway.

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Rental Housing Report: Jon Spader

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A recent study that tracks rental housing across the country throws some light on the plight of families in Honolulu and Hilo as they struggle to make rent spending more than a third of their salary for housing

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Banks Raising Minimum Wages and Giving Bonuses: Bill Dorman

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Banks in Hawaii are giving their employees bonuses, and raising the minimum wage. The bonuses are a thousand dollars or more--and it’s got some people wondering if this is going to be a trend that we see elsewhere in Hawaii’s workforce.

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Rat Lung Worm: Sherry Bracken

Credit Marlena Dixon / Department of Health

Rat Lung Worm. The “ICK” factor with this story is what gets a lot of people with rats and slugs. Not to mention the debilitating effects of getting the disease as patients relay their experiences.

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