The Conversation: Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Aug 29, 2018

Disaster Preparedness; Pacific Garbage Patch; “I Promise” School; Bon Dance

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Lessons from Lane

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The day Hurricane Lane was set to hit Oahu we brought a cross-section of people on our show to talk how to keep our residents and visitors safe. One of those guests was Dennis Hwang, a Sea Grant specialist who co-authored a book on Disaster Preparedness that includes new guidelines to help determine if your house is strong enough to withstand tropical or hurricane force winds.

Junk Raft, Plastic Pollution

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A decade ago, Marcus Erikson jumped aboard a boat made of plastic bottles to make a Pacific Crossing and to make a point about marine debris. It was what he thought, a good cause - to draw attention to the garbage patch and to find a solution to the growing marine plastic pollution. He reflected on the nerve-wracking trip, as no one knew for sure if the boat would hold together for the trip, but it did. A decade later, he tells us he is encouraged and hopeful for the future.

Civil Beat Reality Check

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Today’s reality check segment with Nick Grube of Honolulu Civil Beat takes a crack at Macadamia nuts - a favorite commodity of our island state.

The Long View

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It’s a public school started by basketball star LeBron James. Today on The Long View Neal Milner promises to explain why the novel idea just might work.

Exploring the Bon Dance

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It’s Bon Dance season and today we get a lesson in the finer points of the Japanese tradition. Noe Tanigawa joins us in the studio this morning to walk us through the dance.