The Conversation: Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Nov 29, 2016

Maui Moves to Ban Styrofoam; News Analysis from Neal Conan; Craft of Comedy

A bill with the Maui County Council would ban the use of polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) food containers in certain uses
Credit Flickr - Wonderlane

Actions to Restrict Styrofoam Use on Maui: Lauren Blickley

Styrofoam food containers are ubiquitous throughout Hawaii, but they may soon be a thing of the past on Maui
Credit Wikimedia Commons

It's cheap, it's light and it doesn't biodegrade...and it's why supporters of a proposed partial ban of Styrofoam in Maui County say it's time their county take the lead. The bill moved out of committee yesterday and now goes to the full council. 

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Comedy As A Craft: Bo Irvine

Bo Irvine blends preparation and improvisation to work the crowd
Credit Bo Irvine

Picture yourself in front of an audience with no props or costumes or musical instruments to play -- just a microphone. Your assignment: get those people to laugh.  It’s the kind of task that has made many a performer’s blood run cold, but it’s one that Bo Irvine has taken on for more than twenty years now. Bo makes it look easy, but it isn’t; there’s a lot of craft, and the lessons of experience, going on behind the mask, and Bo’s with us to tell us how it all works.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Homelessness in Chinatown

Honolulu's Chinatown is one of the worst affected neighborhoods in Hawaii's homelessness crisis
Credit Flickr - Kyoki Kafuka

It’s a longtime fact: homeless people congregate in Chinatown. It’s why many social services agencies are there and why even understanding businesses sometimes wish they weren’t. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair is back with today’s reality check.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan 

Former Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro (right) and revolutionary Che Guevara (left) in 1961
Credit Wikipedia

An acrimonious recount gets underway in three states...arguments among the Trump transition team go public...the end game approaches in the siege of two major cities in the Middle East and the death of Fidel Castro...those are just some of the stories on the mind of News Analyst Neal Conan. He joins us, as he does most Tuesdays, from his Mac nut farm in the Big Island.

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Sunshine Express Production of Dickens of A Christmas: Laine Griffith

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is a classic Christmas story that has been adapted many times
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There’s a reason Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol is revived -- and re-interpreted -- every holiday season. It’s about generosity, and what giving really means, and it’s full of valuable lessons for young children. Laine Griffith has been Kalaheo Elementary school’s music and band teacher. He, and more than 40 of his charges from grades Three through Five have put together a musical version of the classic story called “Dickens of a Christmas” a week from Friday, and Laine is on the phone from Kauai

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