The Conversation: Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Jun 14, 2016

Contrarian Approach to Rehab; STEM Internships for Hawai‘i Students; Neal Conan; A New Hawai‘i Murder Mystery Novel

Mauna Loa
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Contrarian Approach to Rehab: Habilitat’s Jay Dodson

View from the Habilitat complex in Kaneohe
Credit Habilitat

One of the tenants of 12 step programs is that alcoholics and addicts are in their disease. To deal with it, those who ascribe to and follow the steps rely on each other and a higher power. The generally accepted success rate of the father of all 12 step programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, is about 5%. But a competing treatment philosophy looks at addiction differently. Founded in 1971, the Kaneohe nonprofit, Habilitat veers away from a spiritual basis and says addiction is a matter of choice. Jay Dodson is the Admissions Coordinator. He is also a recovering addict and graduate of the program.

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Akamai Workforce Initiative: Amber Imai

An intern with the Akamai program on Mauna Kea
Credit Akamai Workforce Initiative

The growth of so-called STEM programs -- science, technology, engineering, and math -- has been a bright spot on the educational landscape that has done much to erase old stereotypes about science. STEM students know that few things can match the excitement of discovery, and invention, and advanced problem-solving -- the kind of thinking that kind of education fosters.   Amber Imai is an avionics engineer who got her start as an intern with the Akamai Workforce Initiative who has found something all too rare for young people in Hawaii: a challenging career in science close to home.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Most Tuesdays, we talk with News Analyst Neal Conan about politics and international news...this is one of those days, where there is really only one story, as we struggle with the shock and grief and anger from the worst mass shooting in our history, and begin to come to terms with what it means. Good morning, Neal, and it's good to have you with us today.

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Murder Frames the Scene: Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Credit Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

The writer of a murder mystery faces a number of challenges; the puzzle needs to keep our curiosity alive, to keep those pages turning; the sleuths need to enlist our sympathy, making us feel as if we share in their discoveries; and their world should be one that’s rich in atmosphere, one that piques our curiosity. In Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl’s new novel, Murder Frames the Scene, that world is the Territory of Hawaii in the years leading up to the Second World War, where crime and international intrigue are in the air. Victoria’s on the phone with us now.

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