The Conversation: Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Aug 9, 2016

From the Farm; Medicinal Herbs; Candidate for Hawaii County Mayor; Maui Seed to Cup Coffee Festival

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

Neal Conan
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  The President is on a two week vacation, the Olympic Games grab a lot of television time...this the time of year known on the mainland as the dog days of summer...and news analyst Neal Conan says that this summer, impressions of the presidential candidates are beginning to bake in.

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Medicinal Herbs: Momi Subiono

Medicinal Herbs
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There’s a vast body of knowledge, around the world, about the healing properties of plants -- accumulated, and passed along, over centuries.   It’s a body of knowledge that’s kept alive by relatively few people. Momi Subiono wants people to know about the healing potential of plants that are all around them; she’s giving a talk story about it tomorrow on Hawaii Island, and she’s on the phone with us this morning.

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Candidate for Hawaii County Mayor: Harry Kim

Mayoral Candidate Harry Kim
Credit Harry Kim

Harry Kim would like his old job back. Since 2008, he has been out of office as Hawaii County Mayor and following events of recent years to call into question the mechanism for certain aspects of public spending of the current mayor, Harry Kim believes he can restore some faith and trust in government - and tackle several issues plaguing his county, as in the rest of the state. In Saturday’s primary, he’s facing another longtime municipal servant, Wally Lau, who we’ll talk with on Thursday.

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Maui Seed to Cup Coffee Festival: David Gridley

Maui Coffee
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Coffee growing came to Hawaii almost two hundred years ago, with a planting of beans from Brazil in Oahu’s Manoa Valley…From the beginning, growers saw that the islands provided the right mixture of soil, elevation, and climate that made for ideal growing conditions, and they have been refining their craft ever since. Hawaii today has dozens of distinct regional varieties of coffee, each with its own distinctive signature. Maui today is one of eight growing districts in the islands, and the Maui Coffee Association is presenting its ninth Annual Seed to Cup Coffee Festival Saturday. David Gridley is the owner of Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Company, and a Board Member of the Maui Coffee Association.

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