The Conversation: Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Aug 21, 2018

Kahala Resort Permit Flap, Film Tax Credit, HPR Reporter Debrief, Madagascar Peace Corps update with Kamaka Dias

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Kahala Resort Permit Flap

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The State Land Board will be taking up a hot-button issue that some say could set a bad precedent for public lands across the state.

It has to do with public beach long used by the hotel for resort activities. Critics say the state hasn’t been adequately compensated.

The Sierra Club, Hawaii’s 1000 Friends, the Surfrider Foundation and a handful of Kahala and Diamond Head residents have written the Land Board and the staff of DLNR about their concerns.

We reached out to the Sierra Club and the Kahala Hotel to talk about the issue.

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Film Tax Credit

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Last year was a big one for the film industry here in the island-- generating more than $300 million into the economy according to state’s own business figures.

But the legislature, over concern about giving away more than $50 million in tax credits added additional conditions about cultural sensitivity and transparency and even CAPPED the Motion Picture Digital Media and Film tax credit. Industry officials are nervous about whether that will drive away business-- particularly on the neighbor islands which are eager to boost their economies.

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Reality Check

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Now time to check in with our partners at Honolulu Civil Beat. Suevon Lee has a story about an election challenge in a state House race.

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HPR Reporter Debrief

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At this hour the Water Commission is meeting to talk decide what to about water on the island of Kauai. It’s been a hot topic issue here on Oahu as well on Maui and now on the Garden Isle.

That’s a story that HPR reporter Kuuwehi Hiraishi is tracking

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Madagascar Peace Corps update with Kamaka Dias

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Earlier this year we reached out across the globe to find Hilo native Kamaka Dias as he was wrapping up his stint in the Peace Corps.

Dias was able to raise several thousand dollars to buy new computers to help students studying in his town in Madagascar. We reconnected this month to learn he has extended his stay for another year and has moved to the capital city where he has Wi-Fi and was able to Facebook with us. He says the computers will go to help set up an English lab where students will be able to not only learn English but learn computer skills in an effort to bridge the digital divide.

He was still basking in the grand opening of the lab held this month-- and getting settled in his new job

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