The Conversation: Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Apr 10, 2018

Equal Pay Day; "Best Play Ever, Guaranteed!"; Nanakuli Library Opening

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Equal Pay Day

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Today marks Equal Pay Day. It illustrates how far behind women are when it comes to parity with men, and their paychecks. We check in with AAUW Hawaii on a number of bills in play at the Capitol that hope to help change that.

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"Best Play Ever, Guaranteed!":

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Lanihuli Gilbert is the lead actress of "Best Play Ever, Guaranteed.” She is a 17-year-old senior at La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls. The play will run April 19, 20, and Saturday, the 21st on the La Pietra campus.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

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The anonymous State worker known as the “button pusher” in the wake of the January 13 missile alert has been tagged with much of the blame for the fiasco. State emergency management officials sharply contradict his account, citing what they say is a poor performance record, but refuse to provide documents to support their claims. Civil Beat has requested those documents, and reporter Marcel Honore has the story on today’s Reality Check.

Nanakuli Library Opening

This happens to be National Library Week, so it’s fitting that the state will celebrate the grand opening of the Nanakuli Library Saturday. It’s been waiting for almost 25 years for this day.

New Nānākuli Public Library
Credit Hawaii State Public Library System

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