The Conversation: Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Aug 4, 2016

Veteran Homelessness; Hawai‘i Adaptation of the Nutcracker; Restaurant’s Response to Hep A Outbreak; Remembering Hiroshima

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Update on Veterans Homelessness: Scott Morishige

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Last year, there was a lot of excitement among nonprofits working with homeless veterans. The agencies were hopeful they could house every veteran who wanted a home… you may remember the landlords summit in Honolulu last November that spawned others across the state. Honolulu had been participating in a national initiative, the Mayors’ Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness. Yet there were still 51 veterans not housed by year’s end. That made this week’s announcement by President Obama of a 17% decrease in veteran homelessness more poignant for Hawaii, where the drop was recorded as only 3%. And while Honolulu says its numbers weren’t part of the figures the president used, the question remains: can Hawaii get to functional zero in veteran homelessness? State coordinator on homelessness, Scott Morishige joins us

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Ballet Hawaii Nutcracker: Septime Webre

A scene from the nutcracker
Credit Ballet Hawaii

Septime Webre has made dances for ballet companies all over the world, and he’s in Hawaii to tailor a classic ballet to a Hawaii setting -- and to Hawaii history.   It’s the kind of project that makes more sense the more you think about it; after all, “the Nutcracker” is set in an elegant mansion, at a party where all the important people are in attendance.   Transfer that to Washington Place in 1858, with Queen Liliuokalani, David Kalakaua, and Bernice Pauahi Bishop in attendance, and you begin to see the possibilities. Septime Webre is the choreographer and artistic director of the new Ballet Hawaii 40th Anniversary production, and he’s with us in our studio.

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Hawaii Restaurant Industry’s Response to Hepatitis A: Gregg Fraser

Hepatitis A Virus
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Health department eyes are on Oahu to try to figure out the source of the Hepatitis A outbreak. 135 people have been sickened by the disease and none of them had to be. By now you know the highly contagious illness is transmitted through ingested food or water contaminated by fecal matter; which boils down to people not washing their hands. And there is clear evidence they don’t- recent studies show anywhere from one half to two thirds of people don’t, or don’t do it long enough. That may make some folks think twice about going to a restaurant. Gregg Fraser, the Executive Director for the Hawaii Restaurant Association.

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Atomic Bombing Remembrance: Joam Pim

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial
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Saturday is the anniversary of a day that changed, forever, our understanding of the destructive nature of warfare, ushering in the Age of Anxiety, when mankind came face-to-face with its capacity to destroy itself. An estimated 70,000 to 80,000 people were killed on August 6th, 1945, when the first of two atomic bombs was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.   In an increasingly tense world, the nuclear threat is never far away. Joam Evans Pim, Director of the Center for Global Non-killing will speak on “Preventing Nuclear War from a Non-Killing Perspective” at the Lahaina Jodo Mission on Sunday

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