The Conversation: Thursday, August 23st, 2018

Aug 23, 2018

Hurricane Lane Update, Homeless Preparation During Hurricane, Healthcare During Storms, Disaster Preparedness, Reporter Update with Wayne Yoshioka

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Hurricane Lane Update

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At this hour the other bands of Hurricane Lane are bringing heavy rain and winds. HPR’s news director Bill Dorman joined us with the overview. We also talked to Puna resident Deborah Walsh about what conditions were like overnight. She says they were awakened by the heavy rains but in her neighborhood, the stormy weather has been on and off.

Homeless Preparation During Hurricane

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This morning, special city buses were being dispatched to bring Oahu’s homeless to shelters. The free bus trips are something Oahu Transit Services rolled out before in other storms.

HPR’s Kuuwehi Hiraishi has been out talking to homeless at camps in flood-prone areas. She joined us in the studio.

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Healthcare During Storms

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How do sick and injured people get help during a storm? It’s a matter of life and death for some patients riding out the storm in hospitals, long-term care facilities or at home.

Maintaining the healthcare system during an emergency is the job of Chris Crabtree. He’s the Director of Hawaii Healthcare Emergency Management.

It’s a statewide organization that works with every level of Hawaii’s healthcare system including hospitals, dialysis clinics, assisted living facilities, blood banks, and pharmacies. Chris spoke with The Conversation’s Ryan Finnerty earlier this morning to explain how he goes about preparing medical providers to maintain the chain of care during a disaster.

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Disaster Preparedness

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Prepare, prepare, prepare. You can’t stress that enough according to Lily Bui. She works with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center and is studying the resiliency of island communities like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as a Ph.D. candidate at MIT.

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Reporter Update with Wayne Yoshioka

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HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka joined us live this morning. He is out in Waikiki and gives us a sense of what’s happening at the hotels.

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