The Conversation: Strengthening Local Food Distribution

Jan 12, 2021

Today we put agriculture in the spotlight. The pandemic has underscored the need to become more resilient when it comes to our food supply. The state has lofty goals for the islands to increase our sustainability. One way to do that is to encourage new farmers.

 Joining us today are: 

  • Pomai Weigert – AgBusiness Consultant for GoFarm Hawaii and a Board Director for the Hawaii Agritourism Association and The Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawaii. Pomai brings experience in marketing, community relations, agritourism, and collaborations across multiple business and community sectors.

  • Rob Barreca – In 2012, he left his career in web application development to focus on increasing local food consumption in Hawai‘i. He enrolled in GoFarm Hawai‘i, a new farmer training program, and launched Farm Link Hawai‘i, a web application that empowers farmers to sell to many O‘ahu restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores.

  • Bobby Skelton – Founder of Red Beard’s Pepper Sauce, an organic small batch pepper sauce company located on the island of Kauai.