The Conversation: Obstacles Getting The Gold Star Driver's License

Apr 22, 2019


A caller spurred the idea for today’s call-in show. The deadline for the new gold star driver’s license is looming and getting all the documentation required by the federal government is not as easy as some would hope.

You may need a certified marriage certificate to show why your name changed, or do you get your mail at a Post office box? That adds another wrinkle to getting the documents you may need.  We invited the counties and the state health department’s keeper of records to come to our table and be available to answer your questions. We found out that there are some differences across the counties.

Our guests today were:  

  • Shari Kajiwara, Director of the city’s office of Customer Services

  • Dr. Alvin Onaka, the State Registrar of Vital Statistics for the Hawaii State Department of Health

Naomi O’Dell, the Administrator for the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division for the County of Hawaii

Here are some helpful links for island residents to each county website.

City and County of Honolulu:

Hawaii County:

Kauai County:

Maui County: