The Conversation: Monday, May 2nd, 2016

May 2, 2016

Crowd-funding Open Government; Past and Future Conservation in Hawai‘i; HART Chair Colleen Hanabusa; New Discoveries About Coral Growth

Starburst Polyp coral
Credit Flickr - Ben Wagner

Hui for Good Government Crowd-funding: Keiko Bonk

A group of citizens is pressing for more effective, open government and they’re trying to back their push with crowd-funded dollars. Despite pro bono legal help to take on the Office of Elections after the ballot woes of the 2012 election among other cases, the Hui for Good Government must cover court costs and other expenses. The group started a crowd-funding page to not only raise the money but make a point: democracy is everyone’s business. But to date, only 120 dollars have been raised, which may be making a point of its own. The office of elections case comes up before the Hawaii Supreme Court on the 18th of this month. This morning, Keiko Bonk of the Hui for Good Government was in our studio.

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104 Years of conservation with The Outdoor Circle: Winston Welch

Lyon Arboretum on Oahu
Credit Wikimedia Commons

  Two years before the outbreak of World War One, farsighted individuals in the Territory of Hawaii realized they needed to be proactive to preserve the beauty of the islands. In their day, they were considered quite radical. And now, 104 years later, their environmentally responsible efforts are regarded as mainstream...and they hope to be, for at least another century, the Outdoor Circle. Executive Director Winston Welch is in studio with some of their next century agenda

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HART moving forward: New Chairperson Colleen Hanabusa

Credit Wikipedia

  You may remember that once the cost to build Oahu’s rail was estimated at 5.3 the projection is 6.6 billion and counting for the 20 mile line. Add to cost overruns, a lack of transparency in communications, questions of mismanagement and a scathing rail audit and controversy continues to swirl. New HART Board chairperson Colleen Hanabusa knew all of that coming in. With only a few weeks since her appointment what more is in the plan to rebuild confidence and contain costs?

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Understanding Coral Growth: Dr. Ruth Gates

Coral colony in the French Frigate Shoals
Credit Flickr - USFWS Pacific Region

  It’s hard to imagine how very tiny creatures can construct homes that are visible from space, but that’s exactly what reef building baby corals actually do. They use a Coral ‘Toolkit’ to transform from floating larvae into stay-at-home reef construction experts. Would you believe bio mineralization? Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology Researcher and Director Dr. Ruth Gates is with us this morning to explain how it happens.

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