The Conversation: Monday, March 5th, 2018

Animal Crimestoppers; Captive Insurance Market; Art World Escape; Arabian Nights

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Animal Crimestoppers

Animal advocates say research shows there’s a link between childhood cases involving violence against animals and violence against humans. Hawaii’s Animal Crimestoppers tell us all about it.

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Captive Insurance

Even for those fortunate to have it, health insurance can still be a significant monthly expense for many families. The same goes for the employers who provide coverage. But what if you no longer had to deal with co-pays and premiums? That is the reality for workers whose employers use a type of coverage called captive insurance.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

If you make a serious workers’ comp claim, you can expect to get investigated, and insurers will go to surprising lengths, using surveillance methods, to make sure your claim is valid.    Civil Beat is looking at the way insurance companies spy on injured workers in its series “Waiting in Pain,” and investigations editor John Hill has the story in today’s Reality Check.

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New App Connects Artists and Cultural Consumers

There is a world of experience behind every work of art, and a new Hawaii-based smartphone app is aimed at taking the local art audience inside the creative process that informs it. The app is called Art World Escape, AWE for short.

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Scheherazade and the sultan by the Iranian painter Sani ol molk (1849-1856).
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Arabian Nights: The Porter’s Tale

The story has been around for 700 years: Scheherazade was betrothed to the king, who had a bad habit of executing his brides the morning after the wedding. She delayed her own execution for one thousand and one nights by telling stories to keep herself alive.  

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