The Conversation: Monday, March 11th 2019

Mar 11, 2019

Women’s History Month, National Guard View; The Interaction Between Cities and Water; Taste for Invasives; Epigenetics Research

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Women’s History Month, Military View: Admiral Cari Thomas

Retired U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Cari Thomas was in Honolulu this past week. We talked with her on Friday which marked International Woman’s Day.

Cities and Water Book: Michael Bruno

Bruno outlined that challenge in a book he co-wrote called The Urban Ocean: The Interaction of Cities and Water. But its more than just an engineering challenge.

Reality Check: How An Accused Drug Dealer Became Key To The Biggest Corruption Case In 

Taste for Invasives: HPR Reporter Debrief

Ready, set, aim and EAT! What Hawaii chefs are doing to target invasive species.

Epigenetics Research

Mao farms on Oahu’s Leeward side has been hailed as a model for many things and the latest is research tied to turning genes --“on and off,” in hopes of keep the good and staving off the bad as we battle different diseases.