The Conversation: Monday, June 25th, 2018

Jun 25, 2018

Robo-Calls; 5G Network Infrastructure; Boo Boo Zoo

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Robo-Calls On the Rise

When you get a phone call from a number you do not recognize and wait through a pregnant pause on the other end, you are probably getting a robo-call. Most of us just hang up in disgust, but the irritation remains, along with the feeling that someone must be making money from all this. They are, and the expansion of robo-calls is a thorn in the side of consumer protection agencies.

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State Creates 5G Network Approval Process

The next generation high-speed wireless networks are known as 5G, and they’re poised to further change an already dynamic digital landscape, but those networks can’t be built without first developing the infrastructure to support 5G.

Last week Governor David Ige signed a law that will establish a permitting process for companies seeking to build 5G infrastructure in Hawaii. It is part of an initiative to grow Hawaii’s tech sector and make the Aloha State attractive to mainland tech companies.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Honolulu’s ever-growing street population poses a challenge to the police and EMT’s who respond to emergency calls, when they find themselves confronted with situations better left to mental health professionals. According to the head Honolulu Emergency Psychological Services and Jail Diversion Program, too many severely mentally ill people are not getting the help they need.

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Catherine Cruz talking with Silvan Schwab of Maui’s Boo Boo Zoo.
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Last Sanctuary for Injured Animals on Maui

Some know it as The Boo Boo Zoo.  The East Maui Animal Refuge is a NO KILL shelter for animals of all kinds.  The facility has existed for 40 years and operates thanks to its volunteer staff that cares for some 500 creatures furry, feathered, and hoofed. It is a rather startling sight for folks who have not seen the barn red compound and there is definitely no getting away from the menagerie of sounds; from peacocks to chickens, deer, horses, and goats.

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