The Conversation: Monday, February 6th, 2017

Feb 6, 2017

Over Cleaning Our Kids; Elder Care Program; Protest Music

Dr. Brett Finlay says that allowing kids to be exposed to microbes is crucial to developing their immune systems.
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Creation of Kupuna Caregivers Program: Pedro Haro

Members of Care For Kupuna at the State Capitol
Credit Care For Kupuna

Ask most people where they want to spend their elder years, and they will likely say at home. While that can contribute to the health and longevity of older family members, the ones who care for them are often in a bind: work less to personally give care or work more to afford the escalating costs. This legislative session, companion bills in the state House and Senate would create Kupuna Caregivers program, a fund available to working family caregivers. Pedro Haro is the Campaign Director for Care For Our Kupuna, the local movement to create a legislative plan for long-term care.

Intro Music: Joyful Sounds by The Word

Outro Music: Golden Years by David Bowie

Valentine’s Music Inspired by the Greeks: Willow Chang

Willow Chang's Valentine's Day themed concert draws inspiration from the seven types of love classified by ancient Greeks.
Credit Courtesy of the Artist

The ancient Greeks loved to classify things, and love, that most un-classifiable of things, did not escape their attention.   They thought about such things as love of the body, love of the mind, and love of humanity, and had a word for each.  Singer and performance artist Willow Chang  has crafted an evening of music based on the Greeks’ seven words for love.

Intro Music: Valentine's Day by David Bowie

Outro Music: Valentine by Kina Grannis

Civil Beat Reality Check: Sanctuary State

Protesters at the Honolulu International Airport demonstrating against the new immigration rules.
Credit Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Lawsuits and acts of defiance are active in cities around the country over President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and travel. That has some in Hawaii asking this question: Should Hawaii become a sanctuary state? Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has a reality check.

Raising Children with Their Microbes: Brett Finlay

Brett Finlay cites overuse of antibiotics and hand sanitizer as having far reaching negative impacts on kids' long term health.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

If you have children in your life, you probably want to keep them safe and healthy. And judging by the advertising that continues to show up on screens and in print, that means plenty of antibacterial everything in your house, car and purse. The problem is that science does not agree. University of British Columbia professor Brett Finlay certainly does not. He is the coauthor of ‘Let Them Eat Dirt.’

Outro Music: Standing On The Shore by Empire of the Sun

Role of Protest Songs: Keith Haugen

Woody Guthrie was a modern leader in using music to protest social and political issues.
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We seem to be in a new era of protest in America and that got us thinking about the role protest songs have played throughout our history. Keith Haugen is a veteran performer of songs that contain a public call to action. In 1993, the hundredth anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, he won a songwriting contest with "I Ka La `Apopo," a songs that calls on Hawaiians to rise up and claim what is rightfully theirs.  He is with us this morning with some thoughts about the role of the singer-songwriter in a protest movement.

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