The Conversation: Monday, August 7th, 2017

Aug 7, 2017

Medical Marijuana; Immigrants in Hawaii; Aloha Got Soul

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Proposed Changes to Immigration Regulations and Local Impacts: John Eagan

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Proposed restrictions on legal immigration to the U.S. stand to have a particularly powerful impact on Hawaii’s immigrant community.

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Rainbow Film Festival: Richard Kuwada and Brent Anbe

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The Honolulu Gay & Lesbian Cultural Foundation is presenting the 28th Annual Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, one of the longest-running LGBT film festivals in the country.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

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Drive on any back road in Hawaii, and you’re likely to find one or more abandoned cars. Junk cars are easily ditched and a lot tougher to get rid of legally than they used to be, and the result is an island-wide problem that is getting out of control.

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Will Hawaii Ever Get Medical Cannabis?:  Brian Goldstein

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Medical marijuana has been the law of the land in Hawaii for years. So where is it?

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Aloha Got Soul: Roger Bong

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Aloha Got Soul is a multifaceted portal into Hawaii culture. It includes a blog, Soundcloud mixes, DJ events, a record label and a party pop up that was recently received warmly in Japan.

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