The Conversation: Monday, August 21st, 2017

Aug 21, 2017

North Korea Policy Failure; Smoke-Free Cars; Coming Age of Automation

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Bill 70, Smoke-Free Cars at Honolulu City Council

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People who smoke with children in their vehicles may have their car smoking curtailed.

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Failure is the Only Option for North Korea Policy

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Does America’s recent war of words with North Korea, with threats of nuclear annihilation on both sides, play into North Korea’s hands?

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Civil Beat Reality Check

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A new cargo line is set to come to Hawaii, but will that mean a better deal for consumers or market cannibalized by its players?

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‘Humility is the New Smart’

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The human jobs of the future will depend on one question: what do humans need from each other?

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Berlin: The Living and the Dead Photo Exhibit by Peter Shaindlin


The city of Berlin and its contradictions are the subject of Peter Shaindlin‘s upcoming photography exhibit, Berlin: the Living and the Dead.   

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